Mike Evans, Texas A&M: January Hunch for who the Buffalo Bills will Draft

Mike Evans, WR from Texas A&M

Another offseason for Buffalo Bills can only mean two things: either the Bills are looking for a new coach or the fans and media are debating who might the Buffalo Bills take in the NFL Draft. While the scouting combine and pro days are still to come (and other players have yet to declare: see Sammy Watkins – if Watkins declares, this prediction may change), it is clear the Buffalo Bills have needs all over. As it stands in January, it makes sense that the Buffalo Bills focus on targets for their franchise quarterback. Bottom line, EJ Manuel needs help. He is far from a sure thing, but some Wide Receiver help will go a long way. That is why this January 2014, my hunch for the Buffalo Bills is they will select 6’5″ Wide Receiver from Texas A&M, Mike Evans, although we need to see who all declares.

Mike Evans is that Vincent Jackson type. The Buffalo Bills don’t have anything close to him.  If the Bills had not drafted speed wide receivers each of the last two years (see TJ Graham who is on the verge of being a terrible draft pick, if not there already and see Marquise Goodwin who showed some flashes although often injured), then this blog may be about the Buffalo Bills selecting Marquise Lee of USC. I go back to Sammy Watkins though- if he delcares and all signs point to him doing so, we may be changing our prediction. At this point, I just can’t imagine the Bills taking a dynamic speed player. Marquise Lee should be considered, but what do you do with Graham & Goodwin if you add another speed wide receiver unless you are willing to move on from Graham (and they should consider that although he is young and raw, but very fast). You need a fade route, go up top type WR which is why Mike Evans from Texas A&M makes sense at this point- very early in the process.

There are many opinions on Mike Evans and other players. Here are some other articles/blogs about Mike Evans:

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There will be a lot of talk as to who the number one wide receiver selected should be and right now in my opinions, that will come down to Mike Evans vs Sammy Watkins (if he declares).  I see them both going in the top 15 considering how important passing is in the NFL. February will be here soon and Mike Evans is the hunch pick, but I could also see a 3-down linebacker being the choice here. Khlalil Mack perhaps?

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