Max Bullough Suspended for Michigan State, but Why?

Max Bullough is suspended by Michigan State for the Rose Bowl.

Max Bullough, stud linebacker for the Michigan State Spartans was suspended by Michigan State for the Rose Bowl against Stanford. But why? Max Bullough is a major reason why Michigan State’s defense is highly regarded so it will be interesting to see how they respond without him. But why is he not playing?

College Football programs many times state a violation of team rules, but this is an important player and I think people need to know what happened here. This is a kid said to be very well respected and without trouble. Now all the sudden he is gone? People can only guess what went wrong- was he late for multiple meetings, did he use steroids, did he talk to an NFL agent? Now we start leaving Michigan State territory and enter NCAA territory.

Let’s say this was an agent issue. If he played after being ineligible, Michigan State would have to forfeit a win, thus meaning they couldn’t go to the Rose Bowl. No one is saying that is the case, but with no information given by Michigan State, all we can do is guess. Until the Spartans feed the public the information, expect the guessing game to continue. And if they don’t, you can bet the NFL at the Scouting Combine will. This story will get out sooner or later. To Be Continued…

photo credit: mattradickal via photopin cc

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